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-Adapting ideas to a package that is best suitable for your project

-Scheduling the shoot - 2h minimum
-Selecting from the Best-of

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Terms & Conditions of ServiceAGB  (German due to law language)


Fine Art Portraits, due to their superior and timeless quality, are valuable memorys.

individuality & style

Special surroundings and backgrounds such as characterful/beautiful buildings, natural structures & materials like

marbles, stones, rocks, wood, water etc. as background, or even more exceptional sceneries and remote locations like

on mountains or under water, make it possible to create even more outstanding images of high artistic value. 

I'm experienced in shooting in remote areas and keen in accepting such challenges. 


Working in an environment of Your choice -for example Your home- has the great advantage for You to include Your personal story in the images, which at the same time offers to You more comfort, if so wished.

Feel free to slip into the role of Your imagination...


Which ever the serrounding, it's the individuals personality, temper and physical appearence in combination with the environment, that ultimately inspires me to intuitively create unique images in Fine Art quality.

My work style can be very spontaniously and impulsively, according to the actual events.


Working with animals in the wild or in urban areas : The animal is exposed to many stimuli outdoors. Therefore, the

owners support is important, as well as for me to know Your animals nature in advance.

You should plan enough time for the shooting, as working with animals is to be adapted to their needs.


Price & duration of the shooting varies, due to desires, location and time.

In accordance with the expected total expenses, I'll evaluate a corresponding package price for You.


Shooting hours start with a minimum of 2h (locally), up to half a day 4h (locally) or a full day 8h (example: reports,

special work in remote areas, outside Vienna, Travel destinations). More then 1 day shootings in Austria or abroad can

be arranged with sufficient planning time.


Within short time You'll receive Your images including Fine Art processing, upon request web-optimized or in printing

quality, by choice on a CD/DVD/USB or for online-download. Further Details will be announced up-on Your request and

the individual free offer provided.  See Steps above..


For the purposes of the Copyright Act, the images are provided with the Authors copyright logo for all types of

publication and dissemination. See Impressum & Copyright.


Photo services:

Fine Art Portraits: People / Wedding Couples / Couples / Animals / Conceptional / Nature ...above & under water

Reports / Press / Events / Documentary / Ads / Business / Architectural & Structures


Elaborate Image Editing & Restauration

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                                                                                                                                    Looking forward to meeting You! 

Actress Martina DÄHNE: 


"Working with Christina was great, I was a bit stiff at photoshootings, but she took my nervousness very quickly, creating wonderful portraits that emitted a continuous positive echo.

"Die Arbeit mit Christina war großartig! Ich bin bei Fotoshootings anfangs etwas steif, aber sie nahm mir ganz schnell meine Nervosität und es entstanden wunderbare Portraits, die ein durchgehend positives Echo hervorriefen. Danke!! "


Nov 2015