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"Where have all the Tuna gone?"



Mediteranian Tuna Campaign Nov 2006:​


Having carried over 60 Tons of material for 'Médecins Sans Frontière' (MSF) to Beirut, the Rainbow Warrior II, one of the worlds most famous ships, headed off for a nother but never the less important mission. The Mediteranien Tuna, and all sealife that is coming to death with him in cruel Tuna-farms, driftnets and through explosions.

Sailing with Greenpeacs' international crew along Croatias coast for two weeks, was a major experience in my life. In fact an outstanding one as an environmental activist, and a unique chance to photo-document ​the work of a generation of people, who are fighting for a durable and healthy future for all.

​The message for the protection of the Mediteranian Tuna "I CATCH CRAZY AMOUNTS OF TUNA"  was ​addressed to the members of the ICCAT-meeting, held in Dubrovnik at that time.​

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"Our Climate, Your Decision!"



Climate Campaign August 2009:


The Gorner Glacier in Switzerland, which has lost most of its size in the last 20 years, is the second largest system in the Alps.

Together with a group of activists from different countries, I spent 2 weeks on an altitude of over 3000 meters, sleeping on the ice. 

We carried the message-banner, one of the largest ever (140 Meter long and 60 Meter wide), on our backs down from- and back up to the mountain-station, together with nearly 1000 kg of camp-material. 


Some images show Slackline Artists, who are balancing over a glacier-lake. ​With this act they wanted to draw the peoples and the governementals attention to the possible consequences of the fast melting of glaciers today.

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Campaign for protection of Tuna in the Mediteranian, Croatia 2006