As growing into my family's Movie business as a child, my imaginary world was given first wings by films, stars, drama, design, art and my mothers fashion drawings, which I discovered as a seven year old.

I taught my self to draw and tailor and created my own fashion. My bedroom floor served as a working table. After all it was my dream to become a Fashion Designer later on, which unfortunately wasn't given any importance by my family. It's what also led me to a huge detour, working in over 10 different professional fields, moving back and forth between Austria and 5 other countries and traveling.


But my autodidactic artistic activities were ongoing and first steps towards Photography occured along an art-project, together with a Photographer in Paris and Venice.. for which I modeled with my own creation. 

Starting to work as a Graphic Designer at that time, I also attended art courses, created a series of acrylic paintings, as also my life time project Welbefre ..and worked for several film-productions, due to big interest for the work behind the camera and the actions on a film-set.


Just like with everything else, it was the flow of life who pulled me towards Photography, in particular during a 20 moths-Travel through 11 countries, on the other side of the planet (2003-2005).

Just couldn't stop pushing the trigger on my beginner digital, wanting to hold-on to this greatness of nature who fascinated me all along my journey.


Back home, while working in Marketing and as a certified Event Manager, my fire for taking images grew. Conveniently a Photographers service was demanded. I so developed from portraying events and people for their advertisement.



Enthusiastic nature-lover and environmental activist at that time, I further documented the work of Greenpeace along some greater campaigns in Europe, as well as other occasions who correspond to what I consider to be of major importance on this fantastic planet. In particular animal life as of life in general ! 

I adore to be challenged by demanding environments, while freezing unique moments with my cam. 

But my devotion for catching moments doesn't stop here.



After an exciting mission as Head of Backstage II at the Lifeball 2008, I moved to France for almost 5 years and worked officially as Visual Artist Painter, Graphic Designer and Photographer. More and more paying attention to Fine Art and conceptional Photography.

Living at Brittany's sea side, I completed an internship in Studio Portrait Photography in Rennes, followed by a first photo exhibition -as a member of the Photographic & Audiovisual Society of Saint Malo- at the Chateau de la Briantais. The second solo-expo FORMES DE VIE SOUS MARIN -showing sea life- emerged the same year from a dive in deep Andaman waters.


This actually lead to my participation in the scientific exhibition BORD DE MER -on behalf of l'Éspace de Scéances de Rennes & l'Office de tourisme Saint Lunaire- which was held at the Centre culturel Jean Rochefort St. Lunaire. My task : Portraying algaes (and shells) living in and at most beautyfull Emerald coast.


Expressively lush and colorful accents, who dominate this surprising reflection of sea-life in less then 20cm below water surface, wish to intensify peoples feelings and awake their inner perception for the infinitely high value of life and its beauty.


Paris : yet, there was no way around elaboration with Black and White. Paris offered itself as an ideal architectural partner for my visions, who resulted in the conceptual series 'BODYTECTURES'  - as of in other artwork.


Back in Austria, I graduated as Press Photographer & Photo Designer in 2013, continued to progress on the basis of various Fine Art projects and started business in late 2015.


One of the two focal points of my work since is the advertising industry, for which I document Austrias high society as a Press-, Event- and Business Photographer. I also offer Architectural, Real Estate and Product Photography.
However, my greatest strength remains the Visual Arts, the portrayal of artists, people and animals as well as nature scenes. Whether for advertising or the private sector. My images are the result of my
artistic nature and intuitiv working style, preferably taking advantage of natural lights.

Several months a year my four-paw companion and I travel through the Alps to capture mountain scenes. Together with reports that concern the world, I develop my imagery into an independent business branch.

With now 16 years of practice as a Photographer and due to previous experiences, I have versatile skills, which are steadily increasing to further development.


My philosophy towards business: Reliability, compelling Quality and Style


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